Residential CCTV Systems

            The Advantages of Residential CCTV Systems

            CCTV is increasingly installed in private residences to provide a greater degree of security and the peace of mind that comes with it. The sort of residential CCTV equipment installed by 1Security Systems provides excellent coverage and the ability to view your home and its outbuildings at any time of the day or night. A key benefit of installing a monitoring system of this type is that it can lower your domestic insurance premiums due to the augmented level of security that they afford.

            Affordable CCTV Monitoring for All

            These days, residential CCTV systems are much more high-tech than they ever used to be which is doubly beneficial given that the cost of the equipment has also lowered in recent years. Whatever your budget, a high degree of coverage can be maintained by clever positioning of cameras and the use of fisheye lenses which see far and wide. In addition, many cameras can now be fitted which don't require external cables to be run on the outside of your property. This makes such systems easier to install, especially in you own a Grade II listed building or a similar property.

            Digital Age Connectivity

            Thanks to the age of the internet, residential CCTV is now able to offer greater connectivity than ever before. Want to be able to see who is coming to your front door on your smartphone? Today you can. In fact, some devices offered by 1Security Systems will even allow you to talk to callers as well as see them. Make use of your home's Wi-Fi to provide connectivity without the need to run cables around. You can also make use of your wireless network to periodically reposition your cameras without needing to run new cables if wanted.

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