Intruder Alarm System Packages


Why Fit an Intruder Alarm?

An alarm system that is constantly monitoring your property and which will notify the authorities of any unwarranted access can be an invaluable investment. By installing one you simply put off criminals who are much more likely to target softer alternatives. Bear in mind that the high-quality alarms installed by 1Security Systems are not a deterrent to mere opportunists but will create a significant obstacle to professional criminals, too. With one up and running, you will feel more assured when you are out and your insurance costs will also probably drop, too.

Intruder Alarms for Residential Properties

At 1Security Systems, we know that intruder alarms bring a great deal of peace of mind to many homeowners who simply want to feel better protected within their own homes. Residential intruder alarms work on a number of different principles, such as motion detection (PIR) devices or from glass breakage detectors. Such devices can be connected to independent monitoring systems which will keep an eye on any activity, whether you are in or out. Both wired and wireless intruder alarm systems are available to choose from.

Intruder Alarms for Commercial Premises

Given that most commercial premises are not occupied at night, the addition of a professional intruder alarm system will give business owners the level of security they really need when no one is around. Intruder alarms do a fine job of deterring access when your facility is closed and are cheaper to maintain and run in the long-term than manned patrols. With protection that is truly 24/7, your stock will be better looked after and the costs of repairing things like forced opened windows should become a thing of the past. 1Security Systems has the necessary know-how to really protect your business from unwarranted access.

Why Opt for 1Security Systems for Your Intruder Alarm?

  • A bespoke design services.

  • Both Wired and Wireless alarms are available.

  • Lower insurance costs.

  • Ongoing maintenance packages available.

  • Good warranties supplied by alarm manufacturers.

  • 1 year on-site warranty

  • Best price guaranteed

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