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2 cameras CCTV Installation

The Benefits of our Commercial CCTV Systems

Whether you are a security manager or run a business, our commercial CCTV system provides you with many benefits. Of course, all CCTV equipment can provide images of people who are coming and going near to your property, but only a commercial one offers the degree of image definition and the ability to switch between camera angles with so much ease. Today’s commercially available cameras will even swivel, when needed, and turn themselves off if there is nothing to monitor to help keep running costs down.

Quality CCTV Installation

There can be little doubt that whichever sort of commercial CCTV equipment you opt for, that you will only get the best out of it if a top-notch installation is carried out. This is where 1Security Systems really stands out because the team of operatives who will install your CCTV cameras and cabling are second-to-none. With a good design and a high-quality installation, you can rest assured that every access point to your property is covered with excellent images being relayed back to wherever you need them – for example, to your front desk or to a remote monitoring centre.

Deterring Criminality

Bear in mind that a good commercial CCTV system is not simply about monitoring and providing evidence of wrongdoing. Your business CCTV system should also make a statement that says you take security seriously and that both criminality and anti-social behaviour close to your commercial premises or home won’t be tolerated. Our systems are installed to provide a deterrent factor as well as a means of keeping an eye on things.

Why opt for our Commercial CCTV System?

  • High-quality resolution up to 4k.

  • Great manufacturer warranties.

  • System operation training offered.

  • 1 year on-site warranty

  • Best price guaranteed

Our Trusted Partners

1security systems has partnered with the top brands in the security system industry to provide all size of business and home owners the best security systems solution.