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The Plus Points of Good Access Control Systems


These days, controlling access to your property is more important than it has ever been. Perhaps you need to only allow authorised personnel into certain areas of your business premises or maybe you want to automate entry into your home without the need for a traditional key? Either way, contemporary access control solutions provide the answer. At 1Security Systems, we have the expertise to provide you with the sort of access control technologies that will meet all of your particular requirements.

Modern Access Control Technology


Card-based access control is popular nowadays. With a simple card swipe system, authorised people can pass through an entrance which denies access to people without authorisation. If cards are lost, stolen or access rights are rescinded, then no change of lock is required – you just revoke the use of the card in question. Other access technologies include radio frequency identification which works without the need to swipe in. There again, you might look into punch-code access systems or those which identify individuals according to their biometric data.

Access Control Management


At 1Security Systems, our approach to access control technology puts our clients in the driving seat. This means being able to manage who has rights of access and who does not. What do you do if someone leaves your organisation, for example? Our systems allow you to rescind access rights by simply clicking a mouse. Control management might involve multiple layers of access rights, too, so you can create outer and inner perimeter controls. In fact, our approach is so flexible that you could even alter access rights according to the time of day if wanted.

Why opt for 1Security Systems for Access Control?


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