CCTV Installation for Bangalow Houses


London, with its rich history and bustling streets, is also home to a myriad of residential properties, including bungalows. As urban areas grow denser, ensuring the safety of homes becomes crucial. This case study focuses on a bungalow owner in London who opted for CCTV cameras provided by 1Security Systems.

Client Background:

Mr. Ahmed, a retired banker, resides in a picturesque bungalow located in a serene part of London. Surrounded by a beautifully manicured garden, his property stands out. As the crime rate began to rise in neighbouring areas, Mr. Ahmed became increasingly concerned about his home’s security.


The primary challenge was to protect the bungalow without disrupting its aesthetic appeal. Mr. Ahmed wanted an advanced security solution that would not mar the beauty of his residence, yet would be effective in deterring potential threats.

Solution by 1Security Systems:

  1. Comprehensive Survey:

A team from 1Security Systems first undertook a detailed survey of the property, identifying potential entry points, blind spots, and areas of interest like the garden and garage.

  1. Camera Selection:

Considering Mr. Ahmed’s concerns about aesthetics, the company suggested compact dome cameras that blend seamlessly with the building architecture. These cameras were equipped with high-resolution optics and night vision capabilities.

  1. Strategic Placement:

The cameras were placed at:

  • The main gate to monitor incoming and outgoing movements.
  • Corners of the bungalow for a panoramic view.
  • Garden area, considering its aesthetic and recreational significance.
  • Garage, which was isolated from the main bungalow.
  1. Smart Integration:

The CCTV system was integrated with a user-friendly mobile app. This allowed Mr. Ahmed to monitor real-time footage, receive instant alerts, and review recorded footage on his smartphone.

  1. Data Backup:

A high-capacity Digital Video Recorder (DVR) was installed discreetly inside the bungalow, allowing continuous recording and backup of the footage.

  1. Client Onboarding:

1Security Systems provided a hands-on training session to Mr. Ahmed, ensuring he was well-versed with the functionalities and operations of the CCTV system.


  1. Intrusion Prevention:

The new system immediately fortified the bungalow’s defences. Any suspicious movement or activity was quickly detected, sending alerts to Mr. Ahmed.

  1. Aesthetic Integrity Maintained:

The choice of dome cameras and their strategic placement ensured the beauty of the bungalow remained undisturbed.

  1. Remote Surveillance:

With the mobile integration, Mr. Ahmed could keep an eye on his property even during his frequent travels, giving him peace of mind.

  1. Evidence Repository:

The DVR system not only provided a way to review past footage but also acted as potential evidence storage if any incident occurred.

  1. Enhanced Property Value:

The modern and integrated security system added an extra layer of value to Mr. Ahmed’s property, making it even more appealing to potential buyers in the future.

Client Feedback:

Mr. Ahmed expressed, “1Security Systems has provided a solution that perfectly marries security with aesthetics. I can now travel or stay inside my bungalow with an added sense of safety. Their team was professional, understanding, and executed the installation with minimal disruption.”


The case of Mr. Ahmed’s bungalow in London demonstrates 1Security Systems’ adeptness at providing tailored security solutions. Their ability to understand client needs, coupled with technical expertise, resulted in an effective yet unobtrusive CCTV setup. This case reinforces the idea that security does not need to be at odds with aesthetics, especially with the right expertise at hand.