CCTV Installation for Detached Houses


Detached houses, which are standalone residential structures not sharing any walls with neighbouring buildings, offer a sense of privacy and space. However, they can sometimes become targets for burglaries and trespassers because of their isolation. Home security, especially in the form of CCTV cameras, has become imperative. This case study explores a particular situation where a homeowner sought the services of 1Security Systems to install CCTV cameras for their detached house.

Client Background:

Mrs. Robinson, a resident of a quiet suburban neighbourhood, lives in a spacious four-bedroom detached house. Recent break-ins in nearby areas had raised concerns about her family’s safety. Mrs. Robinson’s primary objective was to monitor the surroundings of her property and deter potential intruders.


The challenge was to cover the entire perimeter of the large property, including the front porch, driveway, backyard, and the sides of the house, ensuring no blind spots. The homeowner also wanted a system that could offer clear footage during nighttime and could be remotely accessed via a smartphone or computer.

Solution by 1Security Systems:

  1. Assessment & Recommendation:

1Security Systems began with an on-site assessment to understand the layout and potential vulnerable points. They identified primary entry points, hiding spots, and critical zones like the garage and backdoor.

  1. Camera Selection:

The company suggested a mix of fixed lens cameras for general surveillance and varifocal cameras to zoom into specific areas. All selected cameras were equipped with infrared (IR) capabilities to ensure clear night vision.

  1. Installation:

1Security Systems strategically installed cameras:

  • Two on the front porch, capturing the main entrance and the driveway.
  • One on each side of the house.
  • Two in the backyard – one focusing on the garden area and the other on the back entrance.
  • One dedicated camera for the garage.
  1. 4. Remote Access System:

The installed CCTV system was integrated with a mobile app. This enabled Mrs. Robinson to view live footage, receive motion alerts, and access recorded videos remotely from any device.

  1. Data Storage Solution:

1Security Systems installed a Network Video Recorder (NVR) with a large storage capacity, ensuring that the client could retain footage for a considerable period.

  1. Training:

The company also provided comprehensive training to Mrs. Robinson on how to use the system, access footage, and ensure maintenance.


  1. Enhanced Security:

With the new CCTV system in place, the entire property perimeter was under surveillance. Any movement or unusual activity was easily detected, creating a robust security layer.

  1. Deterrence:

The visible presence of cameras acted as a deterrent. Mrs. Robinson noted a decrease in unsolicited visits and observed more caution from strangers approaching her property.

  1. Peace of Mind:

The ability to remotely monitor the house gave Mrs. Robinson peace of mind, especially when she was away from home. She could ensure her family’s safety and keep an eye on any visitors or deliveries.

  1. Evidence Collection:

Though no security incidents occurred post-installation, the system’s ability to record and store high-quality footage could be instrumental in gathering evidence if ever needed.

  1. Value Addition:

Not only did the security system increase the safety of the house, but it also added value to Mrs. Robinson’s property. Potential future buyers would view an established security system as an asset.

Feedback from Client:

Mrs. Robinson expressed her satisfaction, stating, “The professionalism and expertise of 1Security Systems have exceeded my expectations. Not only do I feel more secure in my home, but I also appreciate the convenience of monitoring my property remotely. The team made sure I understood the system, and their post-installation support has been commendable.”


The installation of CCTV cameras for Mrs. Robinson’s detached house by 1Security Systems showcased the importance of customized solutions based on specific property needs. Their holistic approach, from assessment to training, emphasized the value of customer-centric services. The case underscores the essential role of surveillance in enhancing residential security and offers insights into the effective implementation of security measures.